Want to invite more daylight into your home? Skylights are an ideal way to do just that. Installing a skylight in your home can illuminate your entire interior with the perfect amount of natural light to make it feel inviting, refreshed, and cozy. If your current skylight needs repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us at Roofmaster to help.

Skylights can offer a number of benefits for your interior. Aside from brightening the space, they can also reduce the need for extra lighting, helping to minimize your energy use and monthly costs. In fact, a single skylight can add 30% more light in comparison to a standard window. They can also help to cool down your home and regulate temperature by allowing hot air to escape while drawing in fresh, cooler air inside.

If your old skylight has seen better days, don’t wait to get it repaired. Call us to have it seen to. Older, worn down skylights can invite more than just extra light inside your home. Moisture leaks, intense heat, damaging UV rays, mold, and even pests are just a few of the problems you could end up facing. Ignoring the signs can end up causing serious damage that you’ll eventually have to deal with, which will end up costing you far more in repairs down the road. Inefficient skylights can also make it more challenging to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. This can require your HVAC system to work harder just to compensate, which means you’ll be paying more on your energy bill every month.

So when you start to notice any signs of damage, don’t ignore it. Our team at Roofmaster will come and have a look to assess the damage and determine the best course of action for repairing or replacing your skylight. As a family-owned roofing company, we’ve been the trusted choice for roof-related repairs for over 35 years throughout Ottawa.

Whether you’re tackling a home reno or are managing a business, when you notice any open seams, roof debris, water stains, or any signs of discoloration and bubbling, around your skylight, contact us right away. We’ll take a look and provide an upfront quote before getting started.

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