6 Signs You Need New Eavestrough

Did you know that a leak originating from your gutters could be enough to degrade the structure of your home and cause costly damage? That’s why it’s crucial to discover any issues promptly and address them before they can cause any significant issues. So, when it’s time to tend to your rooftop this spring, here are six signs that will tell if you need a new eavestrough or not.


No matter the size of the crack, a gutter that has one will eventually leak and cause a blockage. The impact to your drainage system might not be worrisome at first, but over time even the smallest cracks can lead to bigger issues. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to repair an individual crack, but if there’s more extensive damage, you should call a professional to repair or replace it.


If you ever notice leaves and stems protruding from your eavestrough, you should inspect the area for a clog. Debris that gets backed up usually indicates a problem in your downspouts. A simple cleaning may be all you need, but if the issue is reoccurring, you’ll likely need a full replacement.

Separated Seams

When two eavestrough seams separate, leaks and damage are inevitable. Mending is always an option, but installing seamless gutters can provide even better results.

Peeling Paint

If the paint on your home starts to peel or bubble, it’s usually an indication that there’s excessive moisture in this area. When you see this happening, check the gutter above to see if it’s leaking. If you find this problem in some places, it’s time to consider replacing your eavestrough system.

Dry Rot

Another sign to look out for is dry rot on your outdoor wood surfaces. This happens when water infiltrates your wood materials, and fungus spores move in to grow and deteriorate the surface. Once you find dry rot, you should check to see if it’s the above eavestrough that’s causing the moisture issue. If so, then your next steps should be to replace the wood area as well as the gutters.

Basement Leaks

A leaky gutter can also allow water to make its way down the side of your home and to the ground. If not addressed, water can make its way into your basement and cause all kinds of headaches like mould damage and flooding. So if you find any water-related issues in your basement, you should attempt to identify whether the source of the problem is stemming from the roof and replace as needed.

Even with regular maintenance, when you live in a location that endures harsh weather, like our long Canadian winters, the reality is that eavestroughs can end up developing problems relatively quickly. That’s why regular roof inspections are so important since they can help spots any minor issues before they escalate into big ones.

So during your next trip up to the rooftop, be sure to keep an eye out for any of these signs to determine if you need a new eavestrough. And if you do think this may be a possibility, or are unsure, give us a call at Roofmaster. We can help you inspect, maintain, repair and replace your eavestrough and all other roof related matters.