What We Do

  • Shingle Roofing
    Shingle Roofing   - Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material in North America for residential applications. Despite some history of problems and the traditional complaints, such...
  • Flat Roofing
    Flat Roofing - Modified Bitumen Membrane (MBM) roofing is the most reliable, trouble-free and long lasting system available for flat or low slope roofs. It is made from asphalt modified...
  • Metal Roofing
    Metal Roofing   - Metal shingles and tiles have in recent years mushroomed in variety and popularity in the residential market as homeowners want the benefits of metal roofing, while...
  • Eavestrough / Gutters
    Eavestrough / Gutters - Roof Gutters or eavestroughs as they’re known in Canada are an integral part of your residential roofing system. They protect your home’s soffit, fascia, siding and...
  • Siding, Fascia, Soffit & Renovations
    Siding, Fascia, Soffit & Renovations   - Roofmaster can provide you with various siding options, including steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood, cement (Hardi-board and Hardi-Plank), pressed boards (Can-Excel). Often many property...
  • Rooftop Snow & Ice Removal
    Rooftop Snow & Ice Removal Gallery   - When you are hit with winter's snowy weather, depend on Roofmaster to keep your roof clear of snow and ice....


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